Presenting the Culem Travel Trunk - Inspired by Long Journeys

Updated: May 17, 2019

Last March I woke up in the middle of the night. In recent days I had been thinking about how each element of Culem is inspired by travelling, and the journeys you will take with your Culem watch. It was a stroke of inspiration that I’d woken up to - I wanted to create a travel trunk like the ones that people used in the past when they were on long journeys. Imagine the places those trunks had been - the stories they could tell!

I’d been thinking for a while about what kind of box the Culem watches would come in. I didn’t want to design just another watch box; I wanted it to be something special. Wouldn’t a miniature travel trunk carrying a Culem watch be perfect?

Original travel trunks were constructed from a box of pine which was then covered with protective and decorative materials. The earliest trunks were covered with hide or leather; later coverings included paper, canvas and tin. Some of the most well-known trunk manufacturers were Seward Trunk Co., H.J. Cave, and of course the French houses of Louis Vuitton and Goyard. I loved the idea of echoing these traditional designs to create a Culem watch travel trunk.

I jumped onto it straight away, and found a manufacturer to prototype my designs. I wanted the trunk to be covered in a leather or leather-type material to complement the Culem watch straps. I thought it should have three lids, one on top and two opening outward, and just one lock. The outer material had to be black like the Culem logo, but inside I wanted the colour to represent the essence of the first collection - blue.

When open, the box should display the watch perfectly, with the watch mount inside sitting at the perfect angle for this. As every watch comes with two straps and an interchangeable pin, I also wanted a drawer to store these as well as any other small jewelry.

You may have noticed that there is no logo on the outside of the box. The reason for this was that I wanted to add a layer of mystery and discovery. What treasure could the trunk hold? Secondly, I want Culem owners to use the trunk rather than it being stuck in a wardrobe or drawer. So, I made the design more subtle, with the logo on the inside of the top lid so that it would suit any environment.

The design is simple and elegant; everyone that I have shown so far loves it. One friend is going on a cruise, and he immediately thought to take the Culem watch and trunk with him! I have to say that I love the trunk case, and I hope you will find it exceptional and that it will make you want to travel.

I have used my Culem travel trunk since last July, and when it is closed it makes me think both of my past travels but also the journeys of great adventures ahead of me. When the trunk is open and I see my Culem watch, it makes me thinks me of my next journey, the world and the things I have to look forward to. It is wonderful to both have great memories to reflect on and to look forward to the future.

This is the first Culem collection and there are nine collections planned, all focused on travel and the magnificence of our world. For collectors that buy a watch from each collection, your watch trunk will get bigger each year. In our second collection, focused on Europe, the trunk case size will increase with from a width of 12cm to 16cm (to be confirmed). By collection nine, the trunk size width could be up to 38cm. Each Culem travel trunk will sit on of top of the other like a pyramid with number one at the top and number nine at the bottom.

Pretty cool, right? And what a way to travel!

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