Portal GMT | BluePortal GMT | Blue

Portal GMT | Blue

£1,095.00 GBP
Frame GMT | BlueFrame GMT | Blue

Frame GMT | Blue

£1,095.00 GBP
Lights GMT | GoldLights GMT | Gold

Lights GMT | Gold

£1,295.00 GBP
Lights GMT | BlueLights GMT | Blue

Lights GMT | Blue

£1,095.00 GBP

CULEM. Watches for the world.

All of the watches in our World GMT Collection are designed to remind you how beautiful our world is and to keep the world beautiful, we’re planting

100 trees for every watch we sell.

The World GMT Collection has dual time functionality for travelling to different time zones or to remind us of friends or loved ones abroad.


The Portal’s eye-catching dial is inspired by the beauty of the world as seen from far above, with light reflecting off its smooth, polished surface.

The continents are featured with a unique layered effect, creating a wonderful feeling of depth.

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The New York Skyline GMT watches showcase CuleM’s distinctive interpretation of New York’s iconic buildings with exquisite precision, and these include Brooklyn Bridge, the Statue of Liberty, One World Trade Center, and the Empire State Building, amongst others.

Uniquely, the silver sunray dial is centred on the torch of the Statue of Liberty.

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By day, the dial is classically understated and charms you with a pearlescent sheen as it interacts with natural light. At night, the now darkened continents are lit up by tiny luminescent points which represent cities all over the world.

The Lights design is pure minimalist simplicity that changes character as day becomes night. The back of the watch showcases the complexity of its inner mechanical elements which respond to your movement and automatically powered by you.

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The window to its automatic components is beautifully framed with the uniquely accurate world time zones in 24 destinations, which can be used as a reference when using the dual time functionality.

The back of the watch showcases the complexity of its inner mechanical elements which respond to your movement. 

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