CuleM’s fresh, stunning designs coupled with our focus on sustainability, makes our watches truly unique.

By buying our watches, you will be supporting incredible causes which serve to protect the essential elements of our amazing world:

Land, Air, Water, Animals and People.


Blueprint for All, formally known as the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust, are a charity based in London, and have been tackling disadvantage and discrimination, fighting for equal opportunities for over 20 years in London and now more recently throughout the UK.

Their programmes seek to inspire and support young people to pursue the career of their choice, support small groups and micro-organisations working with BAME communities to have a greater impact, and create a virtuous circle so that everyone can benefit from a more inclusive society.

Ewan Tuohy, Senior Corporate Relationship Manager

“Blueprint for All are incredibly grateful to CuleM for choosing us to partner with as they launch their new London- themed Skyline watch. The donation being made to Blueprint for All off the back of their sales will help progress and further our high impact programmes.

By empowering communities across the UK to tackle disadvantage and discrimination, together we aim for long term, sustainable change for a fair and equitable future.”

Blueprint For All Website

New York City charity Grow NYC has a mission toimprove New York City's quality of lifethrough environmental programmes that transform communities andempower all New Yorkers to secure a clean and healthy environment for future generations. Operating since 1970 GrowNYC's programs now serve 3,000,000 people annually.

To level the playing field, GrowNYC prioritizes services to areas that need it most, ensuring all residents have the same access to amenities likefresh food, green space, and clean air, as wealthier neighborhoods.

Nick Rolf, Development Director

“GrowNYC is grateful to be a charity partner with CuleM for the release of their iconic New York City skyline themed watches. While New York City’s road to recovery will be long, this partnership will make a real difference: more healthy, fresh and local food options for all New Yorkers; more opportunities to recycle and compost and lower our impact on the earth; children learning about food, nutrition, and becoming environmental stewards; community gardeners feeling the sun on their face and watching the seasons change – and so much more.

A thousand thanks for helping make our city a better and happier place for all of us.”

Grow NYC Website

To protect the Land and purify our Air, Ecologi have helped us to create the CuleM Forest in Madagascar.

CuleM has already planted over 18,000 trees through our environmental partner Ecologi. For every watch you buy, we will plant another 50 trees.

Ecologi focuses on planting trees & funding the world’s best climate crisis solutions.

With Ecologi, we are also working to offset our CO2 footprint by investing in international sustainability projects such as wind energy in India and preserving prime Brazilian rainforest.

Elliot Coad Managing Director, Ecologi

“Ecologi is thrilled to be working together with CuleM Watches to plant trees to positively impact the climate and environment. CuleM is perfectly set up to drive significant change.”

Ecologi Website

Visit our Forest

Your watch will protect over 25,000 square metres of rainforest.

CuleM is proud to be a partner of Rainforest Trust, one of the world’s most effective conservation charities.

We have already saved 5.7 million square metres of precious rainforest.

Every watch sold will protect over 25,000 square metres of threatened rainforest for the benefit of wildlife, communities and the climate.

Rainforests safely store billions of tonnes of carbon, helping to mitigate climate change and stabilise global weather patterns. Rainforests are alsohome to 50% of the world’s species– many of which are critically endangered – and thousands of indigenous communities who rely on the forests for their food, water and economic prosperity.

In short, they are one of the most important natural resources on Earth, and their long-term protection is absolutely vital for our survival.

Rainforest Trust Website

CuleM is excited to be working with ActionAid as we focus on improving the lives of People across the world.

ActionAid is an international humanitarian charity that works with women and girls living in poverty.

ActionAid seeks to change the world charity that works with women and for women and girls. They are ending violence and fighting poverty so that all women, everywhere, can create the future they want.

Harriet (pictured here)

is from Kampala, Uganda. She received support from an ActionAid women's shelter after surviving years of domestic violence, including training in how to make reusable sanitary pads. Since then, she has started her own business and become a national trainer. She’s trained over 22,000 girls in how to make their own reusable sanitary pads.

Many girls don’t have access to safe, hygienic, sanitary products causing them to miss multiple days of school. Missing out on an education can have a devastating impact on a girl’s life as she becomes more vulnerable to violence.

Our donations will support women like Harriet to make an incredible difference in their community.

Actionaid Website