CuleM watches are designed and made to last.


We want you to be secure knowing that you are covered by our two year movement guarantee in the rare event of a mechanical defect.

If there is a fault during this time, provided you have taken reasonable care of your watch, we will happily repair or replace your watch movement free of charge.

What does the movement guarantee cover?

This guarantee only applies to CuleM Watches. This two year movement guarantee covers any manufacturing defects, subject to the conditions stated on this page. Upon purchase of your CuleM watch, the certification will be completed in the watch book that accompanies the watch.

Please be certain to retain this certificate in order to benefit from the guarantee.

How long does the guarantee last?

The CuleM Watches movement guarantee lasts for a period of two years from the date of purchase.

What will CuleM Watches do?

CuleM Watches will repair or replace any part of the movement found to be defective as a result of a manufacturing fault.

What does the guarantee not cover?

The guarantee does not cover:

- Normal wear and tear and aging of the watch, the glass or any strap
- Damage resulting from accidents, mishandling or improper use (such as knocks, dents, crushes, or scratches)
- Damage caused by improper or unauthorised modification, service or repair other than prescribed by CuleM Watches
- Overwinding of the mechanical automatic watch
- Magnetisation of the watch movement
- Leather straps and bracelets.

How do I maintain the validity of the guarantee?

We ask that you send your watch to CuleM Watches for a service after you have owned it for two years since the date of purchase. This is to preserve the longevity of your watch by keeping it in good working order and condition.

If your watch is repaired, modified or serviced by any party other than CuleM Watches, the two year movement guarantee will no longer be valid.