We take a look back on the Culem Journey to date...

How My Watch Journey Began

When did your watch journey begin? I was 10 years old, and my first watch was gifted to me by my parents. Here I document the memories that watch, and the watches after, carried with it.

How My Travel Journey Began

This post shares a quick overview of my travels around the globe over the last 37 years. I want to show you that everything is possible with a goal or destination in mind!

The More We Know

As an entrepreneur, I am constantly learning. Travel is one of many avenues to learning and self-development, and I want to share my experiences to encourage people to take the first step on their paths.

Make Your World a Masterpiece

When you are being true to yourself, nothing can stop you achieving your goals. In this post I hope to share some wisdom and inspiration to help you start taking control of your life through goal-setting.

Back One Hour to GMT

What do you think about daylight savings? Why do some countries adhere to it, and others don’t? Since developing my first line of watches I have been reflecting on this a lot. Here I share some of the reasoning behind the details on our GMT watches.

Culem. What’s in a Name?

If you have ever had to choose a name – for a child, a company or a band – you know it is a hard task! This is the story behind CuleM’s name.

Our Small World

The world is huge, but also small! In this blog I highlight many differences in the continents and countries and my decision on whether to put 6 or 7 continents on the caseback engravings of the watches.  

Joining the Dots

Developing the first collection for CuleM was, in many ways, a group effort. During the prototyping process I asked for feedback from many friends and potential customers, and this is what I found.

Culem Logo and the Eye of the Dragon

I went through 95 designs before selecting the perfect CuleM logo. Here is the journey!

I Love the Word “Bold”. Do You?

I came across a book titled, ‘Bold’. The book informs us why the future is better than we think. It introduces us to the abundance and greatness of exponential technology, and the power of thinking differently and performing optimally. This is how it inspired me.

Connecting to Watch Designers and Manufacturers

One of the key steps in developing your own watch collection is of course finding the best designers and manufacturers to partner with. Thanks to Google, here is the story of how I found mine!

Crowdfunded Watches – Let’s Change the Status Quo

Here at Culem we like to do things differently, which is why I chose to launch the brand on Kickstarter. I talk a little bit about why we are taking this approach and how you can support us on our journey.

Creating the Design Brief

In this blog I talk about how I came up with the design brief for our first collection. You know when do something for the first time and it feels so right? This was one of those moments. 

Culem Watches - The beginning

This is where it all started...Having been an avid traveller and luxury watch collector for many years, I felt inspired to create my own luxury watch brand. The first step was to develop a business plan, as well as the brand mission and values. What began as a personal project, quickly turned into a business plan for nine collections and escalated from there!

Culem Watch Designs

Discover, step-by-step, the design process that I went through with our awesome designer Damien Ummel. With three distinct phases to the process, I share my initial thoughts and feedback into the development of the watches.

Understanding the Culem Customer

When developing the product range for Culem it was really important to me to understand who the customer would be and, more importantly, which aspects of a luxury watch were most important to them. I undertook a survey, and in this blog I present the findings.

Presenting the Culem Travel Trunk

I had been thinking about what kind of box a Culem watch would come in, and then I had an ‘Aha!’ moment in the middle of the night. Wouldn’t it make perfect sense if they came in a travel trunk of their own? In this blog I present the Culem Travel Trunk.

Culem Prototypes

Here I share the journey that I went on with the designer Damien Ummel and Marketing Director of Walca, the independent, private-label watch manufacturer, to create our watches. Each of us reflect on the design process and the moment that we saw the watches for the very first time.

300 Watches ordered

Initially I saw the Culem an experiment, a personal project; designing an amazing watch collection and then have them made in Switzerland after the Kickstarter campaign was successfully funded. However I believe so much in Culem that I decided to fund the first 300 watches myself. This is how it happened.

What, where, when, how the watches will be made

Here I give an update on the production of the first batch of 300 watches - unusual for a product-based Kickstarter-funded project, as most would begin production after the campaign has ended! I also give you a bit of insight into the process that led me to set up CuleM and invest my own money prior to a crowd-funded campaign.

Thank you!

Thank you for being part of the community and for following our Kickstarter journey so far - we couldn't have got this far without you!

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