Understanding the Culem Customer

When developing the product range for Culem, it was really important to me to understand who the customer would be and, more importantly, which aspects of a luxury watch were most important to them.

I decided that the best method to gain this insight would be to create a questionnaire, as there are huge benefits to ‘crowdsourcing’ this kind of valuable feedback and validation. But it gave us something much more – it was the start of a community of like-minded luxury watch enthusiasts even before Culem was fully formed.

We needed a sample size of 29 targeted responses to get a wide enough perspective on our potential customer. But I was very surprised and grateful to find that we actually received many more responses than we needed! This fueled my enthusiasm and it was amazing that these individuals dedicated their valuable time to spend 10-15 minutes completing my questionnaire (this is a long time for a survey)!

The questionnaire covered many aspects of purchasing and owning a luxury watch: brands; watch style; value; country of manufacture; shopping behaviours and other hobbies and interests such as travel. Although some of the responses I expected (for example, the reasons for purchasing a luxury watch), there were others that were unexpected. In particular, the decision making process when buying a luxury watch varied. Here are some of the responses to the question, ‘How do you make the decision to buy a watch?’:

“I explore different brands and models until I find the perfect design and colour combination.”

“For me, it has to be love at first sight.”

“I purchase a watch when I achieve certain milestones in my life – it is not only a statement, it is a memory.”

Another major insight, and a key point for Culem as our watches are being manufactured in Switzerland, 84% of respondents preferred Swiss-made watches over watches crafted elsewhere. Switzerland’s watch business is synonymous with quality, movement, precision, innovation and legacy. Further, 84% of respondents emphasised travel as being an integral part of their lifestyle.

I have created a word cloud so that you can see just what a luxury watch makes people think about…

This word cloud is based on the frequency of words used to describe what customers look for in luxury watches. Respondents said that they were looking for something elegant, special and unique. This is what I have set out to create with Culem - the ultimate, design-led luxury travel watch! In addition, many people aspire to own a GMT watch, which is why I have decided to make our first collection exclusively GMT watches.

I think you can agree that the questionnaire was an incredibly valuable insight into the Culem customer. Information like this, ensures that Culem is giving the customer as much value as possible, at the same time as following my vision for the perfect luxury travel watch.

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