The More We Know

I believe the more we discover and experience in life, the more we know.  Simply by travelling to another place, for example, does not mean we know it very well.  However, it is our personal, unique experience that gives us the ability to know more.

Yet, no matter how much we do and therefore how much we know, there is always an avenue unturned.

This is how I feel  about travelling. I know the world based on my own experiences, but I still have so much more to see and do.  What I will know in the future will be different to what I think I know now.

Aside from watches and travel, my other interests in life are: art, cars, entrepreneurship, exercise, fashion, film, food and drink, lifestyle, people (community), property and self-development.  With all of my interests, I want to do and know more about all them. Some of these interests standout and are connected to Culem.

In this and future posts, I wish to share my experience as an entrepreneur to encourage and inspire people to take the first step and start a new venture.  I also want my customers to really know Culem Watches and be part of a like-minded community. Finally, I wish to contribute from day one knowing that every watch sale makes a difference.

I enjoy being an Entrepreneur

At the age of 26, I started my entrepreneur journey when I co-founded M&Y Global Services (M&Y) in 2001.  It was a great time of my life and I enjoyed the opportunity to create, develop, grow and ultimately exit the business.  We began with a small amount of capital and grew the business internationally to over 2,000 people when I left my full time role in 2012.  The business is still thriving today.

When you start a new venture, you have aspirations of what that business can become.  When the dreams come true, it is a great feeling of personal achievement after all of your efforts over the years.  

After exiting M&Y, I went travelling round the world (see previous post), and continued to focus on self-development and learning whilst constantly looking for the next big thing.  

Five years and hundreds of ideas later, I decided to create a luxury travel watch brand and I am enjoying being an entrepreneur once again.  I have big dreams for Culem Watches and I like to visualise what it can become. I cannot wait to see what happens over the coming years!

Building a Like-Minded Community

In my life, I have always had a stronger connection with fellow watch enthusiasts, travellers and entrepreneurs. I believe in real relationships and being genuine at all times. If you connect with what I am saying, you are in good company.

With Culem, I have decided to go down the crowdfunding path as I wish to discover and grow my community in all corners of the globe.  I aim to connect with cultured, thoughtful, passionate and independent explorers that adore Culem watches and love travelling the world.

I have dreams for the community and visualise what it can be…..  We will become friends and socialise at Culem events in different places around the world.  We will enjoy Culem watches and I will embrace your feedback to build the best imaginable collection of luxury travel watches.

Culem Watches Cares

In my life experience, I believe that the best education a person can have is a world education.  This means travelling to another place and seeing a different part of the world with your own eyes.  

Many people however do not have the opportunity to travel for a whole number of reasons and I want to help them to discover the world and open their eyes to a bigger and brighter future.

Culem Watches care and want to help underprivileged young people to travel.

I am currently in talks with charities that empowers disadvantaged young people through life changing travel experiences.  One in particular encourages students to think about their view of the world and enables them to feel a sense of possibility they never thought imaginable before.

I am grateful for all of my experiences and want to share them.  If I can encourage just one young person to go out and see the world, I will be happy.  I believe that by doing this, they will be open to the world and will have lots of new and exciting opportunities.

I Am Like You

If you have read this far, I believe we think a little alike.

I am on a quest to know more of our amazing world, to create an amazing new venture (and the ultimate travel watches), build a community of like-minded individuals and contribute to creating exciting, fulfilling lives for future generations.

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