Make Your World A Masterpiece

To Be.  To Do. To Have.  

Oops, I missed one.  

To Be.  To Do. To Know.  To Have.  

What does this mean?

Let’s start with you.

To Be (You)

You are a human being living and breathing just like everybody else on the planet.  Yet, you have a personality and a way of being which distinguishes you from others.

Your way of being will determine your direction in all aspects of your life.  So, you must always (try) to be true to yourself.

There are no excuses – only limiting beliefs.  I can’t do this because……. But, you must!!!

Be you and all that you want to do will happen, if you set it up in front of you and conquer every obstacle that tries to stop you on your way. When you are being true to yourself, nothing can stop you achieving your goals.

I believe that we all know our own minds and the day-to-day normalities of life stop most of us from knowing  our full potential.

Get to know you again.  Think about you. Think about your dreams.  Be selfish (in a good way) for a moment. What I mean by this is, don’t  get distracted by the dreams of others.

Who are you really?  Who do you dream to become?  Write it down. Write something.  Go on, you might enjoy it!

Take a moment.  Look at it.

Yeah.  That’s you.

Well done.

I always try to be me – true to myself, good, honest, humble and wise.  I am a 44 year old man living in Spain with my partner and I am very happy.   I always say that I have two bad days a year and those days I am not very happy.  I am human and so are you.

I am a thinker, organiser, optimist, realist, strategist, visionary, partner, son, brother, uncle, friend, peer, entrepreneur, adventurer, traveller, watch lover, foodie and many more things.  

I am passionate and determined in life.   I believe in myself and my future.

We are all different and yet,  we are alike too.

To Do (Travel)

Now, for the fun part, let’s discover your ‘To Do’ list.  (Before you do it though, please forget the mundane job list, this one’s more important.).   

What do you want to do in your life?  What are your goals?

Take a moment again and write it down.  Remember this is just about you and nobody else. Focus on you.

My passions in life are enjoying time with my family and friends, travelling all over the world, starting and growing businesses, enjoying the pleasure of luxury watches, self-development (to help me to be the best version of myself), eating really good food and socialising with great company.  A very random mix, but I just wanted to say a few things that might inspire you to create your list.

I will tell you one of my goals too.

My goal is to travel to 100 countries by the time I am 50.  I have been 63 countries at this moment. So, I still have travel to another 37 countries over the next 6 years.  

If I achieve this goal, I will be happy.  And if I do not, I will still be happy because I had a lot of fun and adventures trying to reach this goal.

Do you dream to travel all over the world too?  If so, make sure you put it on your ‘To Do’ list.

To Know (the World)

When you do something, you have your own experience, perspective, point of view,  wisdom and knowledge.

It sounds a bit like reaching Nirvana, perhaps  this is the ultimate goal – knowledge!

You start at zero (like everyone) and little by little you get to know more.

Our lives are shaped by our own experiences.;  what we know defines us in many ways and most of us desire to know more.

I am like this with travelling.  I can say that I know the world (to myself) as it is my, personal experience of the world, and this is completely different to every other human being.  

I like to share my experiences and equally I want to know your experiences too.  Half of the places I have travelled to in my life were from listening to the wonderful experiences of fellow travellers.   

I am on a quest to travel (to know) more of our magnificent world.  It is a masterpiece!

To Have (Culem)

I like to have lots of nice personal things – clothes, shoes, sunglasses, fragrances, jewelry and luxury watches.


But why?  

Quite simply because I like them and enjoy shopping.  However, my feeling is different for luxury watches.

I need to have a luxury watch.  I don’t feel complete unless I have an elegant watch on my wrist.  A watch defines me and reminds me of my experiences.

Every Culem watch in my first collection has a masterpiece of the world and is exquisite in its elegant design.

However, it needs an owner like you – a person that knows who they are, a person who travels, a traveller that knows the world and a person that has to have a Culem.

When you travel the world whilst wearing a Culem it becomes a time capsule – your incredible experiences and memories are stored in the watch forever.

Your Culem is a Masterpiece.  Your Masterpiece. Your World.

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