Joining the dots, for they are connected!

Life always takes me by surprise and then when I take a step back for a moment, I can see that many things are connected.  It is just a matter of joining the dots!

I think about this a lot – the importance of joining the dots and Culem is all about this, connecting with friends that I know and friends that I will know in the future.  How amazing and exciting!

I am enjoying myself more than I could have imagined!  

All of the signs point to YES!!!

I just returned from an amazing week in London visiting friends, meeting up with watch friends, making my new watch friends and attending a great watch show.

I don’t know if you can connect to this, but there are moments in your life that change you.  I feel like a different person now compared to how I felt just over week ago.

What changed I wonder?

I felt connected again to many people and it is such a good feeling.

Let me explain.

A few months ago I undertook a potential customer survey questionnaire and had an overwhelming response from friends that own luxury watches from all over the world.  I could not believe that they all spent the time doing this survey for me and passing it out to their friends that also took the time to complete it.

We are all so busy and yet people care.  I just want you all to know that I would do the same for you or help you in some way.  I am so grateful to all of the people that have helped and supported me – thank you!

The feedback I received from the survey provided so much valuable data for Culem that is helping me shape my new watch venture in many ways.

As a gesture, I decided to show my watches for the first time to those friends that were available to meet in London.

Super Sid is amazing

My first meeting was with a well known super watch collector and good friend called Sid Vasili.  Sid and I go back 15 years or so to when he was a client in my previous business and then we became friends and travelled to China together.  I got to know Sid very well during that trip and I learnt about his love of travel and watches.

I wanted to meet Sid first as I really value his opinion and I felt that if he likes the watches, then I’ve done my job well.

I told Sid the Culem story first and then revealed the watches.  He said that he was literally blown away by both the Culem brand and watches and added that my attention to detail is outstanding. This was amazing to hear. As I had not been to London for a couple of years, we had an awesome catch up and we were very happy.  It was just great to be totally connected with a great friend again and just hang out together.

Also, Sid placed an order for 6 watches. I was elated to say the least.  And at this early stage before launch, it is not only about the sale – you want everyone you care about to love what you have created.  So, the order was magnificent to me.

Daniel the amazing man

Next up, I met two of my most wonderful friends Daniel and Therese Hanssen-James.  Daniel and I have been friends since we were 18 and without him in my life, I probably would not have taken the step to go travelling around the world when I was 22.  Daniel met Therese one month into our trip and they have been together since. To me, they are role models and such an inspirational couple in so many ways, and I love being with them.  

Also,  Daniel collects and love watches, and recently clocks too!

Daniel purchased a Culem for himself because he loved the design and also he said that he did not want to regret missing out on buying a watch from his friend’s first collection.  Again, I was elated.

He didn’t buy a Rolex – he bought 3 Culem

Another great friend going back to high school, Romesh Jeyaseelanayagam was in the market for a Rolex and was almost about  to buy one before seeing Culem watches. Romesh is the biggest traveller I know and he is the person who made me start counting countries.  He is on country 86. So, I am 22 countries behind him. However, I am determined to catch him up. So, watch out Rom.

I went out for dinner with Romesh and his wife Siv to a little place in Notting Hill.  We had a ball and he decided to buy 3 watches. I could not believe it. He just loved the story, designs and totally connected to it as a man who has travelled all over the world.  In his words, he said that he was happy to support my amazing project and that the watches are amazing. Romesh likes the word amazing and so do I. He added that it was an easy decision and that he was excited to be  part of the Culem journey.

Everybody is connected through Culem

That is what it’s all about it – the Culem Journey.  I met 15 other friends too on this trip and we shared very much the same sentiments and everybody is now connected through Culem.  Many of them just don’t know it yet.

I cannot wait to get everyone in the same room one day for we will all be friends and enjoy the Culem journey together.  

I can already imagine the stories and meaningful conversations we’ll all have, and I’m excited for you to be part of this journey too.

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Thank you for reading.  M.

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