I love the word Bold, do you?

I love the word Bold and was instantly drawn to the title of this book.  It sounds adventurous, courageous, creative, different, futuristic, impactful, inspirational, pioneering and powerful.  

Or am I getting confused with Star Trek?

To quote Captain James T Kirk (from Star Trek), “Boldly go where no man has gone before.”

This is a powerful phrase too and I have a picture of it on an inspiration board in my office.  

I believe that I think boldly in all aspects of my life and always have done. It is just the way I am.

Back to the Bold Book

The book is called BOLD How to go big, create wealth and impact the world.  It is written by Peter H Diamandis and Steven Kotler.

The book informs us why the future is better than we think.  It introduces us to the abundance and greatness of exponential technology, and the power of thinking differently and performing optimally.  The last section of the book is about embracing the power of the crowd and is a guide on how to use it.

I bought Bold in February 2015 and did not get round to reading it until the summer that year.  When I picked it up, I could not stop reading it. In fact, I read it from cover to cover three times.  That’s a first for me.

I connected to this book big time, on many different levels, and realised that I wanted to do something that connected me to the crowd.

What is the crowd?

Just to be clear, the crowd is everyone around the world that is connected to the internet.  Approximately, 4 out of 7.7 billion people are connected currently. I will repeat this sentence and please read it slowly 4…. billion… people…. are…. connected!  It is amazing right?! And it is just going to keep on growing until the entire population of the world is connected. I find this incredibly exciting!

What does this mean?

Imagine for a moment what can be achieved with 4 billion connected minds around the world.  Imagine the global conversation. Imagine the ideas that were never voiced before. Imagine the dots that were never joined before.  Imagine what will be discovered.

It is powerful right!  

As an entrepreneur, I aim to embrace this opportunity and utilise the crowd for Culem.  


To quote number 22 of Peter’s Law – The Creed of the Persistent and Passionate Man:

He says, “The day before something is a breakthrough, it is a crazy idea.”

My crazy idea days & recurring thoughts

I love travelling.

I am passionate about travelling.

I like the idea of creating a business that involves travel somehow.

I love watches.

I am passionate about luxury Swiss Made watches.

I like the idea of creating a luxury watch company somehow.  

Aha. I like the idea of creating a luxury travel watch company somehow.  

Breakthrough day

I love technology.

I love the use of technology.

My background is in technology.

I have a lot experience in technology.

I built a big company in technology.

I sold that company in technology.

I am always learning about technology.

I learnt about the crowd and this fascinates me.

I love the idea of crowdsourcing (working with talented individuals all over the world to bring a business to life).

I love the idea of crowdfunding (selling a product to the crowd and getting many benefits in return like market research, product validation and an engaged community).

I love the idea of building a community of friends and thinkers.

I love the idea of being connected to up to 4 billion people.

I have to be bold and utilise the crowd somehow.

Travel….. Watches…… Crowd…..

I want to create a luxury Swiss Made travel watch company somehow.


I have to be bold and utilise the crowd somehow.


I will create a luxury Swiss Made travel watch company utilizing the power of the crowd.

Culem Watches

I will be launching the first collection of my luxury Swiss Made travel watch company in April 2019.  I used crowdsourcing to create, design, prototype and manufacture my watches, and will be selling my watches via the crowdfunding site Kickstarter.

I believe so much in what I am doing and what I wish to achieve that I decided to fund the first production of 300 watches myself (instead of depending on crowdfunding to fund the first production).  Also, if I sell thousands of watches, the additional funding will secure the second production.

Crowdfunding is my initial route to market, but only part of my business plan.

I am fascinated by the other benefits of crowdfunding and cannot wait for the first hand market research, product validation, connected community and additional contribution.  

If you have a passion for watches, travel and the crowd, I welcome you to buy a watch (or more than one)  on my kickstarter campaign and be part of the Culem community.

If the crowd interests you, be bold and buy the book.

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Thank you for reading.  M.

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