How My Travel Journey Began

I believe everything in life is a journey – be it a travel journey, work journey, watch journey, etc. There are so many journeys in our life that we discover and experience an array of things along the way.

I believe that travelling is one of the most amazing things that we can experience in our lives.  To me, to travel and to know the world is educational, enjoyable, eye-opening, fun, thoughtful, reflective and most importantly liberating.

My love for travelling and passion to explore the world around us is deep.  I strongly believe that all of my travels have added great meaning to my life and shaped my world.

In this post, I want to share with you an account of my travels abroad over the last 37 years, purely to emphasise that everything is possible with a destination (or goal) in mind.  I aim to encourage and inspire others to travel and see the World first-hand.

My Travel Journey Started at 7

My adventures started when I was very young.  I was 7 in fact, and together my family we visited the Costa Dorada in Spain; our first holiday abroad. The feeling of walking towards the plane is a feeling I will never forget. That mixed emotion of excitement thrilled me as I stared up at the plane; knowing I was going to be crossing land and sea to another country.

From this moment, everything changed.

Luckily, my parents shared a passion for travel, and every summer they took us on an incredible summer holiday; visiting wonderful places such as France, Greece, Malta, Spain and USA.

My eyes were opening.

At 14, our high school offered the chance for pupils to go on an eight-day cruise to Egypt, Israel, Turkey and Greece.  I could not let this opportunity pass, but I had to convince my parents first! I sat my parents down and told them of my passion to visit the Great Pyramids of Giza and my need to see them. Luckily, my parents shared my passion and let me go on the cruise!

My Father has since told me that he did not want me to miss out on anything I loved and that he knew how passionate I was about traveling at such a young age. And he was right. I may have been young, and yet my understanding of the importance of experience was embedded deep within me.

Four years later, I went to university and met my friend Dan. One of our first conversations was about the idea of travelling round the world after we finished our degree. It was incredible to meet someone with the same passion and ideas as me! So, during our last year of our Bachelor’s Degree, Dan and I started to plan our round the world trip.

We eventually decided to visit: London, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Singapore, Bali, Sydney, Christchurch, Auckland, Los Angeles and then back to London. And do you know what? All of the important people in my life at the time encouraged me, especially my parents.  And they generously gifted the tickets for my 22nd birthday.  It was not the cost of the ticket that was important to them; it was their belief in their son’s dream to see the world. (Thanks Mum and Dad – I am eternally grateful for your support and generosity).

Just 3 weeks later, Dan and I started the epic journey.

My Epic Journey Round the World

This round the world trip turned out quite differently to the original plan.  My trip lasted two years and one month starting with a flight from London to Bangkok, overland to Malaysia and back to Thailand again, flights to Cambodia and Vietnam, overland to China, a ferry to Hong Kong and Macau, flights to Singapore, Bali, Sydney, Auckland, Christchurch, back to Sydney, Fiji and then back to London via Los Angeles.


It was everything I had wanted it to be; and more.  

After my travels, I spent the next couple of years living and working in London.  I enjoyed my time there, but my mind was always set on returning to Australia. So, I returned in June 2000 to study a Masters Degree at the University of New South Wales in Sydney.  During my last semester I co-founded a business in Australia, China and the UK.

Being an entrepreneur was an amazing journey too (this will be covered in a future blog) and travelling all over the world for the business made it all the more worth it.

I eventually spent 7 years in Sydney until I decided to move back to Cardiff, Wales to support the growing European business. It was not intended to be a long stay, however I loved living close to my family again.

The desire for travelling soon appeared once again and several months after exiting my previous business, I went on another round the world trip.

My Awe-Inspiring Journey to All Continents

I set off on safari to Kruger National Park in South Africa, Sydney, Hong Kong, spent Christmas in Hawaii, visited Las Vegas for New Year, Machu Picchu in Peru, Buenos Aires and Iguazu waterfalls in Argentina, I went on an expedition cruise to Antarctica, witnessed the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Colombia and finally to New York, before heading back to London.

Once again, the travelling life had captured my heart and my soul. This trip gave me the chance to visit all continents within 107 days. It was awe-inspiring.

After further travelling in Europe, I decided to move to the Costa Blanca in Spain where I happily live now. My new business, Culem Watches still allows me to travel often and Switzerland is a key destination.  Also, I had the chance to visit Central America and Asia earlier this year. And I still have further journeys planned! Including a trip Petra in Jordan next month!

In total, I have had the honour of visiting 63 countries and my destination (or goal) is to reach 100.

Culem watches have been created from my passion for travelling, and it is a passion I hope to share with you.

Each Culem will hold your travelling memories safe and will always remind you of your ultimate destination.

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