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Culem. What's in a name?

A name is very important.  

It represents my brand and me as the Founder and Creative Director.

After I decided to create a luxury travel watch brand, I was eager to find a name straight away.

It’s a sort of a natural progression from knowing what I was going to create to finding a name that fits the brand perfectly.  

A name allows us to define something and attach meaning to it.

I love my surname. Cule.

I love my surname Cule and wanted it to use it somehow in the brand name.  I have always felt that my name is special, rare and pretty unique, and therefore I should use or incorporate it in some way.

I always questioned why I had this rare surname.  (Have you ever met another Cule? If yes, let me know  in the comments below!)

At the same time, I thought that the name Cule on its own is missing something.

M is for Matthew

My first name is Matthew and I am also called Matth, Matt and M.  I like all of the variations and enjoy it when people call me M.

People started to call me M in my last business in China.   Of course, many of my employees were Chinese and they found it easier to call me M.  So, the name stuck.

My family call me Matth and some friends call me Matt.  Everybody else calls Matthew or M.

Cule + M = Culem

By adding the M to the Cule completed my brand name (to me) perfectly.

A week or so later, I could not believe it was this simple.  So, I brainstormed about 30 more names myself and also tried an online naming competition through crowdsourcing .  I received 526 names from all the around the world. I liked some of them, but none as much as Culem.

Apart from the combination of my names, there are two other meanings I have drawn from this combination of letters, making me love this name even more:

Reason 2.   Small components + movement

The word cule means something small.  

There are over 73 words that start or end with the word ‘cule’, like miniscule and molecule.

So, ‘Cule’ is the sum of the many small components that make up the watch and M is the movement that drives the watch.   

In every Culem Watch, there are about 20 main components (including the case, bezel, crown, lugs, crystal, dial, hands, strap, buckle) plus sub-components of the main components.  For instance, the crown is a main component and it has several sub-components.

Additionally, all Culem watches have Swiss Made automatic movements consisting of over 90 small components.  

Therefore, there are over 110 small components in every Culem watch.  

Hence, the use of the word Cule (main small components) + M (automatic movement).  

[I will write a future blog post about this with specifics.]

Reason 3.  Watch + Man

Thirdly, Cule represents the watch, which is small in its physical form.

And M is the man wearing his Culem watch.

Of course the size of the watch is small in comparison to the man wearing it.  

However, each Culem defines the man wearing it.


A Culem coexists with the man wearing it.

A Culem coexists with the world while travelling it.

A Culem coexists with its community of owners, collectors, peers, travellers, friends, family.

A Culem coexists with its contribution to young people in need through transformative travel experiences.

Culem is the perfect coexistence of Cule + M.

This is Culem and I would love you to be a part of it.   

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Thank you for reading.  M.