Culem Watches - The Beginning

I want to tell you about how Culem came to be. It all started with me defining my brand mission and writing up a business plan.

On one world trip, I decided not to take with me a gift that my father had given me – my own world time watch. I deeply regretted it; I felt its absence on my wrist the entire trip and I realised that the trip itself would have had more meaning if I had taken the watch along with me. My watch would have become a time capsule of all my memories from the trip, reminding me of my amazing experiences every time I glanced down to check the time. From there, the concept of creating Culem began to evolve.

Having been an avid traveller and luxury watch collector for many years, I felt inspired to create my own luxury watch brand. The first step was to develop a business plan, as well as the brand mission and values. What began as a personal project, quickly turned into a business plan for nine collections and escalated from there!

The Mission

My mission with Culem was to develop the ‘ultimate luxury, Swiss-made travel watch’. To me, ‘ultimate’ means the best imaginable – timepieces that are exquisite and meaningful to the owner, as they combine beautiful design made with the highest quality materials, and the incredible memories that come with travelling.

The Vision

My vision? To collaborate with passionate, talented and inspiring people and companies to build a close, global community of dedicated travellers and Culem enthusiasts. Each of the nine collections is dedicated to the different regions of the world and will be released once a year: The World; Europe; Africa; Asia; Oceania; Antarctica; North America; South America and a final Our World collection.

My Values

Last, but certainly not least, was to establish my Culem brand values. I thought about these for a long time, and in the end I was able to summarise everything I felt into these three core values:

Meaning – For owners and collectors to enjoy their timepieces to the full and to be inspired to travel around the globe with the ultimate, Swiss-made timepieces that can be passed down from generation to generation, creating a real legacy.

Passion – To be proud, to be bold and to be courageous! To have the power to make a positive impact on people’s lives.

Community – To collaborate with talented individuals and companies to achieve outstanding results across all parts of the business, from design to production, marketing to sales., To build a connected community of like-minded people, wherever they are in the world and to give something back through the Culem Foundation.

The Community

I want to reflect a bit more on this last value, the value of Community. It is important to me to be able to give something back from the sale of every Culem watch. I thought about donating a percentage of the sales or profit to a charity, but ultimately decided to create the Culem Foundation. Being a firm believer in the importance of travel and the positive impact that it brings to our lives, I believe that education is the most powerful tool to change the world – and that travel is the best form of education. How can we have perspective and truly understand other people’s experiences if we don’t experience it ourselves? The Culem Foundation will give the gift of travel to young people in the developing world, who may otherwise not have the opportunity to do so.

The Launch

And now, back to the launch of Culem itself. Once I had established the business plan and brand mission, I decided that I would launch a Kickstarter campaign. I loved the idea of building a community along with the birth of the brand. You can read more about this in my blog about how much I love the crowd and how important it is to me.

The Future

Having started with the idea for just one collection, the quick and exciting development of an additional eight collections was a beautiful surprise as well as a grand vision of Culem’s future! I am enjoying myself too much and it is pure passion.

We have to be confident in the future, work to the best of our abilities and know that it is in our power to make things happen. I believe in Culem and what the brand can become, and I cannot wait for the journey ahead. I hope you are as excited as I am!.

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