CuleM: Solving the problem with GMT and world timer watches

One of my most treasured watches is a Swiss made automatic world time watch that was a gift from my Dad. However, something that always bothered me about this world timer and hundreds of other GMT and world timer watches was that they don’t display all of the correct time zones. This is especially an issue for Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland time zones. I have never seen the correct time in these three locations on a Swiss made GMT or world timer watch!

Image Credit: Sid Vasili

With CuleM’s first collection I wanted to fix this problem. That is why we have created The World GMT Collection – GMT watches that show the accurate times zone across 24 locations around the world. With our Kickstarter campaign well underway (we are already over 800% funded!), has written a wonderful review of our first collection, deeming our watches “the perfect GMT for the avid-travelling, precision-loving watch collector”:

With an ability to accurately and correctly display the time differences in 24 of the world’s time zones, including the time difference between Australia and the rest of the world, the World GMT is a marvel, especially considering this is the first luxury watch collection from the independent watchmaker. The World GMT combines CuleM Watches founder, Matthew Culem’s two passions, mind-expanding travel and luxury watches, into one very well put together watch.

If you have yet to add a GMT watch to your collection, I hope that the CuleM range will convince you to do so! When I sat down with Sid Vasili, a Watch Expert & Super Watch Collector, I was surprised (and very pleased) to discover that CuleM is the first GMT that he’s bought. In his words, “The reason I made the decision for the CuleM brand is that it meets my expectations of what a GMT should be, with a value-point that is sensible, accessible and with a range of dials and case colours that suit every occasion”.

When I set out to design this first collection, I wanted to create a modern watch that would be timeless, passed down through generations of a family.

Dr. Andrew Hildreth is a Consultant at Christie’s Watches and Christie’s Education as well as a Liveryman through the Worshipful Company of Clockmakers. His thoughts on The World GMT Collection are that it takes “a very modern and original view of the world rather than a view of the world based on projections that were given in the 19th century. This is very much a 21st century watch”.

We live in an amazing 21st century world and a CuleM watch will be your most meaningful reminder! If you have not backed our campaign on Kickstarter yet, we cordially invite you to invest in a CuleM watch.

Image credit: Justin Mastine-Frost


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