Culem logo and the eye of the dragon

I love the Culem logo….  It means so much to me!

Please let me tell you a little about it because, if you don’t know by now, everything in Culem has a meaning and story.

Just like the naming of the brand (see earlier post), the Culem logo was equally important to me.

In general terms, I believe that the logo defines the identity of the brand, perhaps even  more than the name of the brand.

In the case of Culem, the name was of equal importance to the logo, because the name is personal to me and bears my name.

95 Designs

Without thinking too much about the look of the logo, I turned to the crowd, just as I had done before with the naming competition.  

For this, I used 99 designs.  I posted a brief which essentially described the brand as a luxury travel watch brand. Along with a target audience being, mainly, a modern man that loves to travel all over the world with his beautiful, luxury and automatic Culem watch.  

Within in a few days, I received 95 different logos from all around the world.  The effort that went into the majority of the designs was incredible and one logo won the prize.

I was delighted with the result.  However…

When I saw the design of the logo on the watch, it just didn’t work.  It had too many fine details that looked totally lost at such a small scale, on the watch designs.

I was a little disappointed, but I knew that I had to change it.

So, I started to tweak the logo that won the prize, but wanted to maintain its essence.

How did I do this?

I stripped the logo back to the letters CULEM alone and modified the L to appear in the same font.  However, I felt this was too simple.

I then started to modify the C because, to me personally, it is the most important letter of the logo and I wanted to represent my essence in some way.  Grounded by my roots, , I wanted something that reminded me of my origin. When I say origin, I do not just mean where I am from. I mean it is the place that I grew up with the most wonderful loving parents and it is where I shaped my beliefs, passions and values about life.  (The C is explained in a bit more detail below.)

Once I was satisfied with  the C, I felt the logo was still not complete.  I took my pencil out again and started to modify the M thinking that the M is my first name and the C(ule) is my surname.  It took a while to get the M right, but I felt the result was distinct.

Job Done!  

On a watch, I believe that simplicity with a lot of underlying details are best.  However, the logo is not simple. It is never simple. In fact, designing a logo with great depth and meaning takes time and I believe that it is a worthwhile investment of time as, I believe, it is the foundation of the brand.


As you know from the previous post, Culem is made up of two parts – Cule and M.  So, the first thing I wanted to do was reflect this distinction in the design of the logo..

As discussed before this is because the name Cule represents  the watches and the ‘M’ represents me, the voice of the brand.


The M is purposely slanted to the right to show this separation of the two words Culem and M.  

Having played around with the layout of the logo, I realised that If I took the same M and slanted it to the left, it would  look like just one word.


The C is the most important letter of the brand and I had to capture this in an artistic way.

When thinking of the C, I  wanted to capture who I am and show something I love.

I am a Welsh man and will always be a Welsh man.  Yet, I have lived in England, Hong Kong, Australia and Spain.  The reason I say this is because it is like I am always carrying the national flag wherever I go because (like most of us) I am proud of where I am from.  

If you have not seen the Welsh flag, you have to check it out.  The flag is awesome as it has a red dragon on it, and how cool is a dragon, right?

And this dragon flies, which is even cooler!

So, the C represents the eye of the dragon and when I thought about why I wanted to use this symbol, I was delighted with it even more.  For me, it is like the dragon is watching over you and protecting you as you travel.

The second reason is that I have committed myself to making nine themed collections all focused on travel and the world (see About Culem for more details).  

The number nine is the symbol of the dragon in Chinese culture.  I spent about four months, in total, every year travelling to China between 2001 and 2012 with my previous business.  I love China and always enjoyed thinking about the links between East and West. One day, I realised that a connecting symbol is the dragon.

Finally, in Chinese culture nine is also the number of the Emperor who was considered the most important person on earth.  If you decide to have one watch, or all from every collection, you are like Emperors to me for you are wearing a masterpiece of travel and time that I have personally created for you.

Logo  Font – Looking to the Future.

The overall look of the font is inspired by the past, just like my passion for Swiss watchmaking, but it has a contemporary edge taking it into the future.  This is the essence of Culem.

We embrace the past and look forward, always.

Logo Colour – Bold, Timeless…

It had to be black.  Black is bold, mysterious, powerful, strong and a timeless colour to me personally.

Against a white background, the black is calmed down just a little yet it maintains its reverent character.

Additionally, the white space embraces creative thought with a contemporary aspect.


Now you know the meaning of the logo, it is a nice feeling to know that you are protected when you wear a Culem.

So, enjoy your travels.  Enjoy your Culem. It was all designed for you..

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Thank you for reading.  M.

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