Cule + M: Discover the meaning behind CuleM

A name is very important - a name allows us to define something and attach meaning to it. After I decided to create a luxury travel watch brand, I was eager to find a name straight away. There were several ways that I came to decide my brand name; I will take you through them now...

Throughout my life many people close to me have abbreviated my first name, Matthew, to just the letter ‘M’. When it came to naming my own brand, I chose to combine my last name, Cule, with the letter ‘M’ to create CuleM. I love my surname Cule and wanted to use it somehow in the brand name. This was the first reason to choose this name - it represents my brand and me as the Founder and Creative Director.

The second reason directly relates to watchmaking. The word ‘cule’, in its essence, means ‘very small objects’. In fact, there are over 73 words ending in the word ‘cule’. Every watch is made up of so many very small parts. In every Culem Watch, there are about 20 main components (including the case, bezel, crown, lugs, crystal, dial, hands, strap, buckle) plus sub-components of the main components. For instance, the crown is a main component and it has several sub-components. Additionally, all Culem watches have Swiss Made automatic movements consisting of over 90 small components. Therefore, there are over 110 small components in every Culem watch. All together, those small, ‘cule’, parts make up a watch. The ‘M’ stands for ‘movement’ which drives the movement of each watch. So, Cule + M = CuleM!

The third and final reason was that the ‘cule’ is the watch in its entirety - it is a very meaningful, small object. The ‘M’ here stands for ‘meaning’ - to me, the most important thing of all. How we feel about something gives us so much more value and pleasure. In my case, when I look down at my watch it is a memory of all of the things that have happened to me in the past, as well as an outlook to the future and a world of discovery.

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