Crowdfunded Watches - Let's change the status quo

Here at Culem we like to do things differently, that’s why this April we will be launching our exciting new brand on Kickstarter. Whether you’re familiar with crowdfunding or not, I’d like to talk a little bit about why we are taking this approach and how you can support us on our journey.

Be rewarded

There are four types of crowdfunding: donation, debt, equity and reward based crowdfunding.  In my experience, the majority of luxury watch owners are more familiar with equity based crowdfunding (buying equity in a company online) than reward based crowdfunding

The type of crowdfunding that we are taking part in at Culem falls under reward based crowdfunding, whereby the reward is a product, and the product is a Culem watch.   

The Culem watch buyer (or ‘backer’ in crowdfunding language) pays the price for the reward and receives the watch if the crowdfunding goal is successful.

For example, let’s say Culem watches funding goal is 50,000 euros.  This means that I need to sell 50,000 euros worth of watches (or more) in order for the campaign to be a success.  If the goal is achieved or exceeded, the production of the watches will begin. If the project is unsuccessful, kickstarter will return the money you paid.  

When a project is successful, it is nice to think that a watch is being created especially for you.  For me, this is really special and adds great meaning to the watch.

Luxury watches, bringing everyone together

I used to like the words ‘affordable luxury’ and I believe that they are appropriate for Culem watches. However, everything  that I have purchased before that was deemed ‘affordable luxury’ has not been luxury at all, and therefore overpriced as opposed to affordable!  

This is one of the reasons I started Culem watches, to create an exquisite product at a lower price-point.

In private viewings of the collection so far, it has been an easy and quick decision for all that have seen them to pre-order a watch.  In fact, buyers have ordered between one and six watches, It has been a real pleasure for me to see others become just as passionate as I am about Culem watches.

Right time in history

My opinion is that it is the right time in history to launch Culem.

Culem is about bringing people together from around the world and creating a vibrant community of like-minded people. My vision is for all aspiring explorers and luxury watch owners to come together to share stories and experiences that will enrich all of our lives.

Every collection will house this vision and the spirit of Culem.

I have written before about my love for the crowd, and this is one of the main reasons I will be launching on Kickstarter – to connect with all of you and keep growing the fantastic crowd that surrounds and supports Culem.

As the founder, I want as many people as possible to travel all over the world with no limit in their mind as to where they can go whilst wearing a beautiful and attainable Culem watch.  

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Thank you for reading.  M.

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