Back One Hour To GMT

On Sunday 28th October 2018, the clocks went back one hour from British Summer Time (BST) to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) in the UK.

Likewise, most European countries went back one hour, (apart from Russia, Iceland, Georgia, Armenia and Belarus).

Earlier this year, the European Commission proposed ending the time change after a survey showed that 84% of the 4.6 million respondents want the different time change in Spring and Summer to stop.  

However, if Britain leaves the EU, then the UK can decide whether to continue with GMT and BST or not.

I like GMT and BST energy

I have always liked the time zone change and have never thought about much until today

I grew up in Cardiff, Wales, and remember walking to my high school every day on dark October mornings and I looked forward to the clocks going back so that my morning walk would be bright.  It gave me energy to start my day.

Likewise, when the clocks went forward I looked forward to long summer nights.  I still feel the same today.

When it is dark in the morning, I need to find a way to get energy in my body.  When it is bright, I am full of energy.

As you may have read in my previous posts, I live in Spain now in front of the Mediterranean sea and I love to wake up to the sunrise as it is the perfect start to my day.  The photo in this post (above) is the view from my house at 7am this morning.

When I wake up, I am wowed by the ever changing mood of the sun and sky against the beautiful blue sea.  I feel grateful every day to see this view and feel the energy of the sun on my face whilst also listening to the calming sound of the sea.

How do you feel when you see the sunrise?

Thinking about Incorrect Time Zones on Watches

Since having a luxury world timer watch, I have been thinking a lot about time zones.  Mostly questioning why so many watch companies get some time zones wrong and, secondly, why countries use daylight savings and others not?

Today, let’s focus on luxury world time watches and use one as an example.  

Why is it that so many watch brands have Sydney 10 hours ahead of London on their world time watches?

Sydney is ahead of London by 11 hours during GMT and 9 during BST.  And only in between time zone changes is Sydney 10 hours ahead. As you can see below, this is only for 4 weeks in the whole of 2018.

Let’s look at this year in detail:

1st January to 25th March, Sydney was 11 hours ahead of London (GMT).

25th March to 1st April, Sydney was 10 aheads ahead of London (in between time changes just for 1 week).

1st April to 7th October, Sydney was 9 hours ahead of London (BST).

7th October to 28th October, Sydney was 10 hours ahead of London (in between time changes just for 3 weeks)

28th October to 31st December, Sydney is 11 hours ahead of London (GMT).

I lived in Sydney on and off for nearly 9 years and this frustrated me. I do not know why the watch companies do this.  

With my luxury world timer watch (that my Father gave to me in 2012), I can make the mechanical adjustment on one of the crowns, but I believe that the watch should be correct for more than four weeks of the year!!!!

Culem and Real World Time

It is for this reason that I felt it was important to  correct this in my watch designs and put a lot of detail into the time zones.  In fact, each Culem watch shows the correct time in 24 time zones in both GMT and BST (apart from in between time zone changes.)

On each Culem, 7 cities have daylight savings – where the time changes by one hour in spring and autumn.  

The other 17 places do not have daylight savings all year round.

Each Culem has the correct time zone in each location and together they make real world time.

World of Change

We live in a world of constant change and I am changing with it all the time.  I embrace change and have reflected this in my collection

However, some things do not change when they have been done for decades and are never reviewed.  

I believe that this is the case with many watch companies, they appear not to have questioned the status quo with world time watches.

I am yet to see the correct time in Sydney or Auckland on any watch, apart from in all of my Culem watches.  

If you have a world time watch, check it out, I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments below.

Final Wishes

I hope you enjoy the morning light.

I hope you enjoy and embrace change like Culem and I.

I hope your day is filled with great energy.

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Thank you for reading.  M.

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