A Letter From The Founder: Your Time Is A Treasure

I hope that you have been enjoying the background, inspiration and processes that have gone into creating the CuleM brand and watches. With today being our official launch on Kickstarter (a day that we have been planning for a long time now!), I wanted to take the opportunity to share with you some of my personal background, passion and motivation for creating Culem.

When I was young my father worked hard as a painter and decorator; he worked on villas and yachts all over the world. His world travel always fascinated me as I dreamt of all the places around the world that I planned to visit when I grew up! At 18 years of age, my father spent three months painting a Church in disrepair, purely out of kindness and generosity. As a thank you gift, the Church gave him a gold-plated watch, which my father has treasured his whole life. On the back of the watch, there is an engraving in Latin saying, "Bene Merenti," or, “Well Deserved”. The watch is priceless to him, and to me it forever reminds me of his generous spirit. Whenever he put on a suit, I saw my father completing his outfit with the gold watch, proud of his history. I grew up seeing just how meaningful a watch can be, and that’s why I am passionate about watches.

For me, a watch is a precious object; when you wear it, it becomes a part of your story, a time capsule representing your journey and memories. Just as my father’s watch held so much meaning and brought so much joy, I hope to create a watch that can bring this same sense of magic and delight to people all over the world.

When it came to creating CuleM, my aim was to create the quintessential watch for avid watch collectors and world travellers, whilst also wanting to capture the magic of both watches and travel. A Swiss-made luxury timepiece, CuleM is the first Swiss made automatic GMT that displays accurate time in twenty-four of the world’s time zones, forever connecting you to your most precious memories as you travel.

By combining two of my greatest passions; watches and travel, I hope to inspire like-minded people to connect to each other through our growing, global CuleM community. I hope you will join us too; remember, your time is a treasure.

Today, Culem watches are exclusively available via our Kickstarter campaign at http://3e.fnd.to/culemwatches and we welcome you to be part of our journey. Thank you!

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